Farm & Market

Blueberry Crisp with Candied Lemon Peel

Blueberry Crisp with Candied Lemon Peel

Summer in Bucks County, Pennsylvania means you’ll find us at our local orchards and farm markets loading up on the irresistable seasonal fruits and vegetables we’ve been craving all year. In July we get especially excited about blueberries and just can’t stop eating them right out of the cartons, which is a problem since we’d ideally […]

Coquilles Saint-Jacques (Gratinéed Scallops)

Coquilles Saint-Jacques (Gratinéed Scallops)

Coquilles Saint-Jacques is the French word for scallops, meaning “shells of St. James.”  The same word refers to the classic French recipe of preparing scallops on top of a bed of mushrooms and shallots, and then broiling them with a rich gruyère sauce. There are a few fantastic versions of the legend behind the French name for […]

Paris Picnics

Banks of the Seine River - a popular site for picnicking in Paris

Picnicking in Paris is a romantic idea many travelers have in mind when visiting this beautiful city. It’s important to know that not every grassy expanse in Paris allows picnicking, or even foot traffic, but there are a still quite a few parks and surrounding seating areas that permit lounging and picnicking, many even allowing […]

Paris Markets

Paris Market - Rue Cler

After a 5 year wait, we finally made it back to Paris.  Our first Paris trip together was in November 2006 for our belated honeymoon, and it was half way through that trip that we realized we’d never get through the entire “must see” list we’d been compiling for weeks.  This year’s visit allowed us […]

Philadelphia’s Italian Market

Italian Market Bike - Philadelphia, PA

The Italian Market in Philadelphia is a feast for the senses. Each time we go, I can never leave without at least a few interesting images, and a small fortune of pungent cheeses from Di Bruno’s.

Trauger’s Farm Market

Trauger's Farm Market Pumpkins - Kintnersville, PA

Bucks County is famous for its gorgeous fall colors, and these pumpkins at Trauger’s Farm in Kintnersville, PA do not disappoint. Great job, gourds, keep up the good work.  Trauger’s Farm is one of our most favorite markets to visit, not only for rolling orange vistas in autumn, but throughout the year for local honey, […]

Kutztown Folk Festival

Fries at Kutztown Folk Festival 2010 - Kutztown, PA

Kutztown Folk Fest – food, fun, and a giant roast Ox on a stick. Bring your appetite to this Festival along with your appreciation of Pennsylvania Dutch Folklife and crafts. If you’ve been craving real corn fritters and shoo-fly pie, or just need a Hex sign for your barn, this is where you need to […]