French Food

Coquilles Saint-Jacques (Gratinéed Scallops)

Coquilles Saint-Jacques (Gratinéed Scallops)

Coquilles Saint-Jacques is the French word for scallops, meaning “shells of St. James.”  The same word refers to the classic French recipe of preparing scallops on top of a bed of mushrooms and shallots, and then broiling them with a rich gruyère sauce. There are a few fantastic versions of the legend behind the French name for […]



This is not the proper way to make Cassoulet.  This recipe will however get cassoulet on your table in about 30 minutes – 45 minutes if you’re a procrastinator or are styling ingredients for a photo shoot.  With Languedoc origins from the Southwest of France, historically cassoulet is not a quick meal to prepare and […]

Duck à l’Orange

Duck à l'Orange

If you’re looking for an easy weeknight meal, this is not the dish you’re looking for.  Duck à l’Orange is not difficult to make but it does take some time and attention, for which you will be greatly rewarded.  Crispy duck skin rivals bacon any day. This has now become our Christmas Eve tradition, we […]

Escargot with Parsley Butter


The mollusk of the forest, snails have been consumed since pre-historic times and were considered a luxury by the Romans. Helix Pomatia, also known as the Burgundy or Roman Snail, is one of the most coveted edible species in France and are harvested under strict laws protecting their sustainability and habitat. Their flavor when cooked […]

Heirloom Tomato Tart

Heirloom Tomato Tart

Why did we spend $8 for 2 pints of multi-color heirloom cherry tomatoes at Headhouse Farmers Market in Philly?  Because we didn’t grow our own this year.  Also, I really wanted to make this tomato tart and, if you’re reading this, then you probably do too. Tomato tarts are a classic dish in France and […]

Pain Perdu (French Toast)

Pain Perdu (French Toast)

Pain Perdu, also known as French Toast, translates literally to “lost bread.” Why “lost” bread? Some say that soaking stale bread in a mixture of milk and eggs and then frying it in butter gives new life to old bread that was otherwise lost to us. We however like to think it refers to the […]

Paris Picnics

Banks of the Seine River - a popular site for picnicking in Paris

Picnicking in Paris is a romantic idea many travelers have in mind when visiting this beautiful city. It’s important to know that not every grassy expanse in Paris allows picnicking, or even foot traffic, but there are a still quite a few parks and surrounding seating areas that permit lounging and picnicking, many even allowing […]

Paris Markets

Paris Market - Rue Cler

After a 5 year wait, we finally made it back to Paris.  Our first Paris trip together was in November 2006 for our belated honeymoon, and it was half way through that trip that we realized we’d never get through the entire “must see” list we’d been compiling for weeks.  This year’s visit allowed us […]

Beef Burgundy (Boeuf Bourguignon)

Beef Burgundy

Having a partiality to certain foods can be understandable when it awakens fond memories.  Whenever stressed, I think of my happy place and I’m back in Burgundy, France.  The food, wine, countryside and beautiful villages are a source of inspiration that I always think about returning to. Beef Burgundy (Boeuf Bourguignon) and Escargot were the […]