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Smoked Salmon Plate with Cornichons and Capers

Smoked Salmon Plate with Cornichons and Capers – Click here to see more Food Photography

A recent assignment in England gave us plenty of opportunity to enjoy this classic appetizer of smoked salmon, cornichons and brown bread. We often make it at home paired with regular Irish Soda Bread, but Irish Brown Bread, made with a mix of regular and whole wheat flour, sweetened with a little molasses or honey is a great balance to the salmon and tart pickles. To make chive butter, chop some chives into some softened butter and allow to chill and firm up again before serving. Decorate the plate with some microgreens to add a touch of spring and enjoy this as a St. Patrick’s Day or Easter appetizer.

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03/24/2013 11:11 pm

I’ve been baking a lot of Irish brown bread lately, and it is so good with smoked salmon and dill butter! Guinness makes it even better.


Andrea J. Bartholomew
03/27/2013 9:07 pm

Now I can’t wait to try making it with Guinness! Also, looking forward to making Boston Brown Bread some day… :)


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