Dark and Stormy Cocktail

Dark 'n Stormy Cocktail

Dark ‘n Stormy Cocktail – Click here to see more Food Photography

The forecast tonight calls for a Dark and Stormy cocktail – a beautifully layered drink with the sharp bite of Ginger Beer, tempered with a moody wash of tropical Dark Rum.  As the unofficial drink of Bermuda, this cocktail’s name is actually trademarked by Gosling’s and must be made with Gosling’s Black Seal Rum to sport the “Dark ‘N Stormy” name.


  • 2 oz Gosling’s Black Seal Rum
  • 4 oz ginger beer
  • lime wedge

Fill a highball glass with ice.  Pour in the Ginger Beer, then pour in the Dark Rum over the back of a spoon to help keep the darker layer floating on top.  Garnish with a lime wedge.  (For the optional sugar garnish shown in the photo, rub a lime wedge or some simple syrup around the rim of an empty glass, and then tip the glass over into a plate of raw sugar and proceed with assembling the drink as noted above.)

For another weather themed, colorfully layered drink, see our most popular post on The Framed Table, The Stormy Morning Cocktail.

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17 Responses to “Dark and Stormy Cocktail”

  1. Doug says:

    This is one of my favorite drinks but I find that the ginger beer can make it or break it. Some are just too icky sweet or simply don’t have an authentic ginger flavor. The best balance of sharp ginger bite and subtle sweetness I’ve sampled is Maine Root Ginger Brew. Cruzan Black Strap rum is also a really nice alternative to Gosling’s….although you would then have to call the drink by a different name!

    • We’ll have to try Maine Root Ginger Brew next time. We used Reed’s for this trial and it was good but we’ll need to compare more. The Reed’s has nice strong ginger flavor but I’d like to find less sweet. Thanks for commenting! – Paul

  2. Doug says:

    Nice shot, btw. Great bubble capture!

  3. Pete says:

    There’s a bit more to the “Dark & Stormy” tale. The original drink was around for years before Gosling’s had the marketing wisdom to trademark the name. And, there was actually two different variations. Made with regular, “low-octane” 80 proof Gosling’s, it’s a “Partly Cloudy.” You need to use Gosling’s 151 proof to create a real “Dark & Stormy.” Well named indeed, if you have more than two.

    • Andrea J. Bartholomew says:

      Thanks for sharing that! Such a simple drink, yet such a fascinating background. We were also reading that if you substitute regular beer for the ginger beer it’s called a Small Craft Advisory!

  4. My favorite part about this drink recipe is that it requires so few ingredients. I always want to mix drinks on my own, but I am always daunted by how long the ingredients list is. Great work and thanks for sharing!

    • Andrea J. Bartholomew says:

      Glad you liked the post – it’s so easy it doesn’t even require a shaker! We’ll be doing a lot more photos of easy and great looking drinks in the next few months. In the mean time you might like our Pimm’s Cup post too. Thanks for visiting!

  5. Pete says:

    I forgot to mention that our recipe (dates to the 1960’s) includes a dash or two of Angustura bitters before the ginger beer goes in. Also, Gosling’s now markets their own ginger beer. Haven’t tried it so can’t comment. If your ginger beer is too sweet (most seem to be) cut back the amount a bit, and use some seltzer to top off.

  6. pool boy says:

    I would have liked to try it, but the drink poured everywhere when I tried to sugar the rim…..

    • Andrea J. Bartholomew says:

      Haha! Yes, please make sure the glass is empty first. Hope you get to try it again! 😉

  7. Jenny says:

    Enjoyed this post. Hope to try this drink soon. I love Reed’s premium Ginger Beer. All the comment’s have been helpful – Cheers! Everyone…

    • Andrea J. Bartholomew says:

      Hope you get a chance to try it soon! Such a happy drink. Cheers to you too, and thank you for visiting!

  8. Kate says:

    I tried a very similar drink the other day called the Moscow Mule. Substitute the rum for vodka and serve in a copper mug – the copper keeps the drink ice cold the whole time. . I’ll have to try with rum!

  9. This drink looks so good. I will definitely want to try this one. I featured it in my Friday Five over at Feed Your Soul. See post at – http://chefpeterskitchen.blogspot.com/2012/09/friday-five_14.html

  10. Judy says:

    The Gosling’s Ginger Beer is excellent and reliably good! Gosling’s also sells the “Dark and Stormy” pre-mixed 4 pack, 8.4 oz. cans…they are great for travel!!

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