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Chocolate Mousse – A Labor of Love

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse – another of Mr. Bartholomew’s culinary obsessions that I benefit greatly from as his shoot assistant and taste tester.  For the past few years he’s been on a mousse mission to recreate his experiences that he’s had on each of his trips to France.  His first authentic French mousse was in Franche-Comté at le Château […]

Hot Toddy (Hot Whiskey)

Hot Toddy Drink

2012 is here already and after surviving some holiday overindulgences, and now facing some chilly January temperatures, we decided to soothe and steel ourselves with some Hot Toddies. Even just the idea of settling into a cold winter evening, while holding a hot, spiced (and spiked) drink is comforting.  We spent some time looking up […]