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Maine Lobster - Young's Lobster Pound - Belfast, Maine

Maine Lobster – Young’s Lobster Pound – Belfast, Maine

“Bring me back a lobster!” It’s what almost everyone says when I mention we’re headed up to Maine to visit my Dad. They don’t ask about whoopie pies, blueberries, Moxie soda or Dynamite sandwiches. And it’s not the French Acadian buckwheat Ployes (pancakes), or holiday Tourtière pies they want to hear about – it’s all about the lobster because the nearby icy Atlantic waters produce some of the finest of these crustaceans in the world.

For the best quality, flavor and most memorable experience, visit one of the many lobster shacks that prepare and serve your lobsters right by the waterside. My Dad first took us to Young’s Lobster Pound in Belfast, Maine years ago and we always go back since it’s one of our favorite ways to enjoy a freshly caught lobster feast.

On our most recent Maine excursion, touring the coast and visiting Rockport and Camden harbors for scenic photos in the morning, we couldn’t wait to head out to Belfast for lunch.  We went all out and got lobsters, clams, lobster stew and Young’s excellent cole slaw, all which we enjoyed while savoring a beautiful view of the Penobscot Bay.

Young's Lobster Pound - Belfast, Maine

Young’s Lobster Pound – Belfast, Maine

Young's Lobster Pound - Belfast, Maine - Captain Seaweed (Young's Mascot)

Young’s Lobster Pound – Captain Seaweed

Young's Lobster Pound - Belfast, Maine

Young’s Lobster Pound – Belfast, Maine – Lobster Tanks

Rockport, Maine

Rockport, Maine

Camden, Maine - Harbor Boat

Camden, Maine – Harbor Boat

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katrina young
10/06/2014 11:36 am

thank -you very much, the pictures are just lovely. nice article.


10/07/2014 6:45 am

Glad you enjoyed, Katrina! We love Young’s Lobster Pound and can’t wait to go back again! ~Andrea


10/16/2014 4:35 pm

The location, landscape and, details, are gorgeous 0m these last two. Love what you did with the corn cobs. Not to say there was ever anything to fault on the food photos. Now it is food and more!



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